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Yes, It’s Time

The deadline is upon us.  Submissions for Issue #18 should be mailed by this weekend.  Because June 30 is a Sunday, we’ll accept postmarks of July 1.   Anything later must have a special dispensation from the editors! It’s good to see so many checking the website this week.  For specifics on how to submit, go to […]

Introducing the Editors II: Ellen Roberts Young

Ellen Roberts Young has been a part of the writing community in Las Cruces since 2004.  She has been involved with the editing of Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders Journal for three years, assisting F. Richard (Dick) Thomas in editorial decisions and the paperwork of editing for the last two. Ellen’s publications include two chapbooks, Accidents […]

Introducing the Editors I: Michelle Holland

Michelle Holland has been involved with Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders Journal since its beginning in 1996.  For the first ten issues she and Joseph Somoza were the two who decided which poems to include.  As Wayne Crawford and Dick Thomas joined the editorial team Michelle became one of three readers and happily left the final […]

Deadline Approaching!

Just a reminder that submissions for Issue #18 of Sin Fronteras Journal must be postmarked by June 30, 2013.  Go to the submissions page for all the pertinent information. We’d like to hear from you. The Editors