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The Current Issue

The following authors contributed work to Sin Fronteras # 18:

Diana Anhalt, Ann Applegarth, Granville Pearl Aragon, H. M. Aragon, Karin Bradberry, Lauren Camp, Susana H. Case, David Chorlton, Blair Cooper, Gail Denham, Jamie Figueroa, Brett Foster, Peter P. Goodman, John Grey, Kenneth P. Gurney, Tamra Hays, Teral Katahara, Jackson Lassiter, Wayne Lee, Joan Logghe, John Macker, Catherine McGeehan, Mary McGinnis, LeeAnn Meadows, Basia Miller, Claudette Ortiz, Angela Peñaredondo, Elizabeth Raby, Jane Shoenfeld, Joseph Somoza, Kaz Sussman, Judith Toler, Anne Valley-Fox.

Here is the poem which opens the issue, by Blair Cooper:

Stretching Time

Like a rubber band taut between pegs,
I contemplate how to rank endeavors
in the order of importance, things
that matter most or not at all, how to fit
everything in between the ticking seconds.
Shall I begin now to write a poem,
make a loaf of rye bread, read ten pages,
knit another row? Lying awake in bed,
I see prominent Jupiter through the skylight
and the light pinpricks of distant stars.
Time no longer seems so brittle. Things
I attempt fade into the dark timelessness.
Perhaps catching falling leaves
has as much value, leaves, transitory as I.

This issue may be obtained by sending $8 plus $2 for postage and handling to:

Sin Fronteras Journal
c/o DAAC
PO Box 1721
Las Cruces, NM 88004

For back issues, see the Orders page.

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