Journal Issue 26 is (almost) online

Errors in the document for Volume 26 have led us to withdraw the link.  We hope to have it up again soon, though still only a draft.

The We in that paragraph is the “editorial we.”  “We” is really I, Ellen Roberts Young, who have created the document that is the Journal, Volume 26, and worked my way forward step by step to put in on line.  But I’ve reached my limit.

The website needs to be upgraded to attach the file in a way that can be accessed by others.  Sin Fronteras needs an IT person to help finish the job.

Does anyone reading have the appropriate skills or have a recommendation?  I’ll be watching for comments that help us find the answer.

Thank you for your support.

6 comments on “Journal Issue 26 is (almost) online

  1. Congratulations on the new issue which I know you all worked so hard to deal with the technology. Not being good with technology myself, I sympathize.

    I hope in the final edition, you will be able to correct the location of my poem which is on pages 19-20. Sylvia’s poem in not on p. 19. Also my name is missing.

    I am disappointed there is not a print version. I do like to hold it in my hands and it is always a beautiful piece of art in so many ways.

    Thank you, Gayle Lauradunn


  2. Exciting! Can’t wait to see the print book.

  3. Gayle, and any other readers: page numbers in the table of contents refer to numbers at the bottom of the page. I didn’t know Issuu was going to count the cover in its numbering.

  4. I’m sorry that has not been clear. Printing and postage have gotten more and more expensive and complicated. The intention, which we have not yet achieved, is an online book which each author can download for themselves – and share with friends and family..

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