Sin Fronteras Journal has closed

Because we lost most of our volunteers in the past year and were unable to find new people who can work with online publishing, Sin Fronteras Journal has folded.

In the post below the announcement of Joanne Townsend’s book you can view Issue 26, which never found its wings.

I have been part of the staff since 2011 and am sad to let it go, but it is time.

Ellen Roberts Young

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Joanne Townsend: Between Promise and Sadness

Those of our readers who live in Las Cruces, or who were contributors to Sin Fronteras Journal may remember Joanne Townsend, an active poet in our circle since she and her husband Dan moved down from Alaska in 2005, with several poems in the Journal.  She hoped to produce a collection of her poems in her later years, but when she died two years ago, she left a pile of poems in hard copy with no indication of a possible order.

Thanks to Joe Somoza for his ordering skills and Ellen Young and Christine Eber for following up with the details, a manuscript was created and has now been published by Cirque Press.

Sample, from “Ponder, Partake”

On the church grounds, a single white iris,
its velvet petals calling
wind from the west.
Speak, Memory  Nabokov insisted.
Crimson spilling into parched throats –
Wine.  Poetry.

Poetry was central to Joanne’s life.  Between Promise and Sadness” is available on Amazon via the Cirque Press website: From Promise to Sadness

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Volume 26 corrected

It’s still not available for download, but see what you can do with share.


Journal Issue 26 is (almost) online

Errors in the document for Volume 26 have led us to withdraw the link.  We hope to have it up again soon, though still only a draft.

The We in that paragraph is the “editorial we.”  “We” is really I, Ellen Roberts Young, who have created the document that is the Journal, Volume 26, and worked my way forward step by step to put in on line.  But I’ve reached my limit.

The website needs to be upgraded to attach the file in a way that can be accessed by others.  Sin Fronteras needs an IT person to help finish the job.

Does anyone reading have the appropriate skills or have a recommendation?  I’ll be watching for comments that help us find the answer.

Thank you for your support.


Delays, Delays

We are still at work to publish Issue #26 of the Journal. We hope it won’t be too much longer.

However, until it is out we are postponing submissions for Issue #27. Watch this page for updates.

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ALERT: Change in submission dates

We are changing the dates for receiving submissions. Instead of April 1 to June 30, we are setting them for May 1 to July 15 this year, issue #27..

We hope this will make for a more efficient process.

To make this work, we will have to reject submissions received in April, so watch your dates.

Thank you to all our submitters


News from the Editor

First, the sad news. Production problems have delayed Sin Fronteras #26. It will come out, we just don’t know when.

Second, a personal note from the editor:

Omicron permitting, I will be the featured reader at the Sin Fronteras Open Reading at Palacio Bar in Mesilla on February 16, sharing poems from Lost in the Greenwood.  The poems describe and respond to 500-year-old tapestries and the world that created them, combined with personal reactions and reflections.  Gather at 7:30 p.m.  Reading begins at 8:00.  Open reading follows.

Here’s a brief sample poem from the collection:


Unlocking the past is
No simple matter when it’s wrapped
In thick carpets of color that
Combine the daily and the dreamed.
Of the joys and sorrows of the
Renaissance there is in fact
Nothing left but threads.


And Now for Issue #26

There are just three more weeks to submit your work for our next annual issue. We want to see your poems and prose. Check the details on the submissions page and send us something. No particular theme. We want poetry that stirs the reader. By that we mean, send us your good stuff.

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Celebration Reading for Issue #25

Sign on next Saturday for a reading by many of the contributors to Issue #25. (Check your time zone.)

An evening with Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders
A Poetry Reading (via Zoom)

15 May 2021, 7:00 to 8:30pm PDT
(open mic to follow)
(the door opens at 6:55pm)

presented by el gigante reading series, Sacramento City College
through the kindness of SF contributor Danny Romero

If you’re new to the journal you’ll get a good idea of what we like. NOTE: Submissions are now open for Issue #26.


Issue #25 is Out

Our latest issue includes a varied and even international group of poets: Hugh Anderson, Paul Bamberger, Rachel Barton, Byron Beynon, Philip Dean Brown, Kathleen Browning, Blair Cooper, William Doreski, Stephen Duncan, Jesse Ehrenberg, Jay Gandhi, Peter Goodman, Ken Hada, Carol Hamilton, Tobey Hiller, Marc Jampole, Judith Janoo, Rick Kearns, Dwayne Kiern, Yvonne Higgins Leach, Laura Celise Lippman, Catherine A. MacKenzie, John Macker, Michael Minassian, Bruce Morton, Paul Robert Mullen, joseph Murray, Mary Oertel-Kirshner, Marilyn C. O’Leary, Kenneth Pobo, Danny Romero, Beate Sigriddaughter, Joseph Somoza, John Tustin, Gail Tyson, Vivian Wagner, Rebecca Watkins, and Scott Wiggerman.

It also includes prose by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi, Kate LaDew and Donna D. Vittuci and  a reprinted poem by our supporter and editor Joanne Townsend, whom we lost in January and to whom we dedicate this issue.

The cover is a compilation of all our previous cover images.

Copies for contributors are on their way, with instructions for ordering more if you wish to. Copies are available for all for $10 plus postage. See the Orders page.