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Our Current Issue

Volume 17 of Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders Journal came back from the printer at the beginning of March and was officially launched at the monthly SPLAT reading at Palacio Bar in Mesilla on March 19.

As has been done in the past, this issue was dedicated to two supporters of the organization who died during 2012:
Ruben Abeyta ((1934 – 2012) and Sylvia Griffith Wheeler (1930-2012)
A previously published poem by each of these friends is included in this issue.

Contributors of new work, either poetry or prose, to this issue are¨Diana Anhalt, Tani Arness, David Chorlton, Shebana Coelho, Yago S. Cura, Eloise S. Evans, Trina Gaynon, Jenny Goldberg, Renny Golden, Peter Goodman, kat heatherinton, Bruce Holsapple, Win Jacobs, Donald Levering, Terry Lucas, John Macker, Joan Mazza, LeeAnn Meadows, Del Marie Rogers, Nancy Ryan, Ann C. Sallemi, Joseph Somoza, Joanne Townsend, Frank Varela, and Lawrence Wray.

You will also find included one poem each by the three poetry editors: Michelle Holland, F. Richard Thomas and Ellen Roberts Young.

All contributors should have received their complimentary copies in the middle of March.  Others should now turn to the Orders page to find out how to obtain a copy.

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