Yes, It’s Time

The deadline is upon us.  Submissions for Issue #18 should be mailed by this weekend.  Because June 30 is a Sunday, we’ll accept postmarks of July 1.   Anything later must have a special dispensation from the editors!

It’s good to see so many checking the website this week.  For specifics on how to submit, go to the Submissions page.

3 comments on “Yes, It’s Time

  1. Dear poets, editors, publishers,
    I am very happy to have made contact with your organization and to have had a chance to read one of my pieces at the Teatro last Monday. I submitted that piece and was wondering when you will let us know if we have been chosen for publication and when will your next issue #18 come out.
    With gratitude for all your wonderful work,

  2. Noelle,
    Ours is a slow process with multiple readers. You should have an answer from us by early fall. The journal comes out in early spring.

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