Editors’ Update: Issue #19.

Readers and editors have been hard at work reading submissions.    Issue No. 19 is coming together.  We think it is looking good.  Those who submitted for this issue should be hearing from us in the next two weeks.

We know it’s a slow process.  If anything you submitted has since been accepted elsewhere, please let us know now.

Ellen and Michelle, co-editors


3 comments on “Editors’ Update: Issue #19.

  1. Dear Ellen and Michelle,

    Thank-you for the update!
    Be well,


  2. I think I just sent you a message I intended to forward to Jim Benton. My apologies. I am happy he has been accepted in your journal. Sorry for the mistaken email reply.

    Best Regards,

    Terry Lucas

  3. Terry, I caught the earlier comment, but left this one in. I just learned that Jim hadn’t gotten the envelope announcing his acceptance. We are pleased to be publishing his work.

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