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Who’s in Issue 19?

These are the writers who have contributed to Issue #19:  Anthony N. Amato, Diana Anhalt, Pamela Bentley, Jim Benton, J B Bryan, Lauren Camp, Tobi Cogswell, PW Covington, Gail Denham, Carol Dorf, Mary Dudley, Claudette Ortiz Franzoy, Mel Goldberg, Larry Goodell, Ruth Goring, Tamra Hays, Stashenko Hempeck, Michelle Holland, Bruce Holsapple, Ann Hunkins, Teral Katahara, Thomas Krampf, Susanna Lang, Gayle Lauradunn, Jane Lipman, Joan Logghe, Kathleen McClung, Catherine McGeehan, LeeAnn Meadows,Elizabeth Raby, Elaine Schwartz, Joseph Somoza, Rosanne Sterne, Joanne Townsend, Anne Valley-Fox, Michael VanCalbergh, Valerie Wallace, and Artress Bethany White

While many of these poets (it turns out that even those whose prose is included are poets) are now based in New Mexico, the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee are also represented, as well as Canada and Mexico.

If you live too far from Las Cruces to visit Palacio Bar on a Third Tuesday of the month for the open reading, where copies are available, you can order this year’s issue using the information on our Order page.

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