News from the Editor

First, the sad news. Production problems have delayed Sin Fronteras #26. It will come out, we just don’t know when.

Second, a personal note from the editor:

Omicron permitting, I will be the featured reader at the Sin Fronteras Open Reading at Palacio Bar in Mesilla on February 16, sharing poems from Lost in the Greenwood.  The poems describe and respond to 500-year-old tapestries and the world that created them, combined with personal reactions and reflections.  Gather at 7:30 p.m.  Reading begins at 8:00.  Open reading follows.

Here’s a brief sample poem from the collection:


Unlocking the past is
No simple matter when it’s wrapped
In thick carpets of color that
Combine the daily and the dreamed.
Of the joys and sorrows of the
Renaissance there is in fact
Nothing left but threads.

2 comments on “News from the Editor

  1. “but threads.” and the Unicorn Tapestries 😊 My husband, Jesse Ehrenberg, and I love the Cloisters in NY where the Tapestries hang.

    Sorry we can’t be there, Ellen. I am sure it will be a lovely reading.
    We will be in Las Cruces April 7 to 10, where I will be giving a talk on NM suffragists. If you know of anything pertaining to poetry going on then, please let me know.

    Be well.

    Sylvia Ramos Cruz
    Sylvia M. Ramos, M.D.
    P.O. Box 7398
    Albuquerque NM 87194

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