Sin Fronteras Journal has closed

Because we lost most of our volunteers in the past year and were unable to find new people who can work with online publishing, Sin Fronteras Journal has folded.

In the post below the announcement of Joanne Townsend’s book you can view Issue 26, which never found its wings.

I have been part of the staff since 2011 and am sad to let it go, but it is time.

Ellen Roberts Young


6 comments on “Sin Fronteras Journal has closed

  1. Dear Ellen,
    I am very sad to see the Journal go. I understand how, wherever we live, it seems we are all too busy to take on one more task. The SFJ provided the
    space for many writers in the broad borderlands to sing their songs. Those voices will be missed.
    Best wishes.
    Sylvia Ramos Cruz

  2. If it isn’t too late, I’m willing to volunteer. I can edit, format, publish. (I sent an email to this effect but not sure if it’ll be received.) Sad to see this journal go.

  3. Thank you, Cathy. If we hear from a couple more like you, something may be possible.

  4. Hi Ellen, I actually left you a comment earlier tonight on Linked In, checking up on email/social media tonight. Sad to hear the news. Been caretaking for my mom for a while now and unable to submit. I’m sure it was a difficult decision for you and the rest of the staff. And also I’m sure you made many writers happy over the years by publishing their work. I cannot volunteer right now b/c of my mom but I’m wishing you the best if you are able to move forward with volunteers coming forward now, and also if not, best of luck in all your ventures moving forward/onward, Dena/Pen name: D. Baris.

  5. Though I have never served on a lit journal staff before I’m sure I can help
    in one form or another if Sin Fronteras continues.

    Thank you for all the great writing over the years!

    Michael G. Smith
    Bozeman, MT

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