Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders is a non‑profit literary arts organization in Las Cruces, NM, devoted to encouraging a community of established and emerging writers, developing audiences for these writers, and giving voice to those whose voices may not be heard.

Sin Fronteras is under the umbrella of the Dona Ana Arts Council.

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  1. I’m wondering if you have a publication date & if issues will be available before the holidays?

  2. Mary, This year’s issue will be ready sometime in February, we hope.
    Previous issues are available at $5 each, as described on the Orders page. (I see that you were in # 16. Thanks for you continuing participation with us.

  3. You accepted (yay!) my poem “Checkpoint Charlie (The Cold War)” in 2015. Do you know when it will come out?

  4. It’s at the printer. Should be out by early April.

  5. The Box: Everett Applegate January 4, 2017. BCS
    Like sheep, some people never think out their BOX. Ra Ra!

    This Magic we obtain from birth
    Allowing us to roam free on earth
    However, when trapped within a box-like prison
    One may never see the colored prism.

    Accepting what you see and hear
    While trapped within your bubble sphere
    With minds and hearts so tightly bound
    You’ll never find what can be found.

    For those who think outside the box
    While treading so carefully over rocks
    The world and universe you will find
    Living is an expansion of your own mind.

    With lock-tight gates and preplanned steps
    Many often reject, before they inspect
    True travelers allow their minds to wonder
    Without living to steal another’s thunder.

    To worship heroes dead and gone
    Tends to leave us singing a muted song
    We must roam free and sing our own
    Never exploring the boundaries of a simple tone.

    Heroes are known of, not always known
    They bravely battle ahead alone
    Approvals they only seek from within
    Thinking is not a mortal sin.

    Great army’s march with blind rampage
    They do not read, they write the page
    Historians are left to tell their story
    Reckoning their days of death and glory.

    Like sheep some muddle in feral fields
    Just eating what their eyes might yield
    Within their boxes, they are sealed
    Sustaining within their walled-in shield.

    A package arrives from FedEx or UPS
    Addressed to any preordained blind address
    Its contents have no mind to progress
    A destination being its only success.

    Be not the box, try looking out
    Your voice was designed for you to shout
    Inside this box where darkness dwells
    You will find nothing but private hells.


  6. Love issue 21! Haven’t read it all yet, but I will before the week is out. Great job, folks.

  7. Is there a theme for your next issue?

  8. Please withdraw only the poem, “Pieces of a Life That Will Remain Unglued” from consideration. It has been accepted by another publication.

    Thank you,

    Jack Donahue

  9. I have written a story, “Acequia,” that you might like. Alas, it is only 136 words long. Is that too short to submit?

  10. Why alas? We would consider it.

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