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Issue #25 is at the printer. If you think it has taken a long time, you are right. This is not new for us, but made worse by the pandemic. It should be out soon.

The cover of this 25th issue may make it a collector’s item! The image will be posted when the issue is available.

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Issue #25 Moves to Production

The editors of Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders Journal have completed their selections for the 25th annual issue.

If you sent us something between April 1 and June 30 and have not heard from us, please contact us at sinfronterasjournalnm@gmail.com right away. Things do get lost, whether in the ether or on our desks, and we don’t want you do go on wondering.

The 2021 issue will include 38 poets and three prose writers. Allow four months or more for our all volunteer crew to get it all together.

Due to a lack of gatherings, we have many copies of the 2020 issue available. You can order one for $10 including the postage.

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Submissions Close June 30

Submissions for the next issue (our 25th annual issue) of Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders Journal are open until June 30.

We were fortunate to get an interview with Trish Hopkinson, who puts out information on publishing opportunities with upcoming deadlines.  You can read the interview at:


I recommend getting on her email list if you are a poet who is always on the lookout for new outlets.

But first, if you haven’t already, get your submission together for Sin Fronteras.  We want to hear from both previous and new-to-us writers.  Check the submissions page and our previous blog for the details of the process.

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Sin Fronteras Journal Submissions Are Now Open

We will receive submissions for our 25th annual issue from now until June 30.  Please check the guidelines on the submissions page, where you will also find our email address.  We prefer that you use email if you can.  Mail is slow to get to us.


You set up your submissions on 8 ½ by 11 inch pages but our journal is printed on 5 ½ by 8 ½ inch pages.  Lines that look fine on the larger page may run over on the narrower page.  The poem won’t look the same.

The actual available width, allowing for margins and binding, is about 4 ¼ inches.  If you care about how your work looks on the page – and you should – please keep our page size in mind when you choose what to submit, and adjust it if need be.

Your editors and proofreaders will appreciate this attention to detail.

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Journal Issue #24 is here

Sin Fronteras /Writers Without Borders Journal issue #24 has arrived from the printer and copies have gone out to our 44 contributors (43 poets and one fiction writer).

The cover art is by local artist Jeanne Rundell.

Order a copy using the information on the orders page.

Submissions for the next issue will open April 1.  (Anything sent in before then will be deleted.)

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Sin Fronteras “Love of Lit” Reading

Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders is hosting its annual “Love of Lit” reading this year on Saturday, February 29, 1 – 3 p.m.  That’s the last day of “For Love of Art Month” in Las Cruces.

The location is Center for Spiritual Living, 575 N. Main Street.  It’s around the corner and north to the end of the block from the Branigan Cultural Center.

As of this writing, 13 readers are expected: Dick Thomas, Gwendolyn Mintz, Chuck Harper, John Monagle, Dael Goodman, Frank Varela, Ellen Roberts Young, Joseph Somoza, Alice Wallace, Dick Miles, Heather Frankland, Bruce Holsapple, and Peter Goodman.  (There will be a brief intermission, and poets will be bringing their books for sale.)

If you’re anywhere in the area come hear and meet us.

This year’s edition of the Journal is at the printer.  We’re not sure when we’ll have it in hand.


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Progress on Issue #24

The editors of Sin Fronteras Journal have read, chosen and ordered the poems and prose for Issue #24.  Due to an accident and surgery Joanne Townsend, who was one of the editors for issues #22 and #23, had to withdraw this year.  We were fortunate to have Alice Wallace step up to assist Ellen Young and Frank Varela.


Alice is a Las Crucen who regularly participates in the open readings at Palacio Bar on the third Tuesday of each month.  Three minds seem to be the right blend to come up with a good mix of material.

The action moves over to production now, and to the choice of cover art, which is the specialty of Helen Stork and Michael Mandel.  Then the responsibility returns to the word people for proofing.  With luck, and no more accidents, the issue will be out by the end of February.


Issue #23 is Out

Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders Issue #23 has just arrived from the printer.  (See its photo to the right.) It features the work of 48 contributors, mostly poets.  Six are from southern New Mexico, seven from other parts of the state, a few more from the greater southwest.  Others are from all over the country, from Washington State to Massachusetts to Florida, and three live beyond our nation’s borders.

Some poems speak directly to southern border issues.  Others focus on different kinds of borders: between people, their communication and miscommunication, or between people and wildlife, or people and their pasts.  The editors were pleased to have a rich mix to draw from.

The cover art is by Deret Roberts, local artist and gallery owner.  You can learn more about his gallery at www.artobscuragallery,com.

Go to the orders page for the address to order a copy of this issue.  The cost is $10 plus postage.  Copies will also be available at Sin Fronteras readings at Palacio Bar in Mesilla on third Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Submissions for our next annual issue open on April 1.  Submissions sent before that date will not be read.  Check the submissions page for changes or clarifications to our guidelines.

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We Love Lit in Las Cruces

It’s February and once again the Sin Fronteras folks will be presenting a “For Love of Lit” reading as part of “For Love of Art Month.”

The event will be Saturday, February 23, 10:00 to 12:00, at the Branigan Cultural Center, 501 N. Main Street, Las Cruces.  Outside the Farmers and Crafts Market will be in full swing.  Come inside and sit down for a while.

Fifteen readers have signed up to read.  If you’ve attended in previous years, you’ll notice a mix of familiar voices and new ones.  Here is the line-up, if all goes as planned: Dick Thomas, Lee Ann Meadows, Peter Goodman, Joanne Townsend, Richard Miles, Alice Wallace, Gerry Stork, Ellen Roberts Young, Joe Somoza, Dael Goodman, Charles Harper, Joanne Turnbull, Bruce Holsapple, Michel Wing, Frank Varela.

Michael Mandel will be the master of ceremonies.


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Sin Fronteras Poets Headed North

This is an announcement for readers in northern New Mexico.

Las Cruces poets Joe Somoza and Dick Thomas, both of whom have previously served as editors of Sin Fronteras Journal, will be giving a reading on Sunday, October 21, at Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, 1001 5th St. NW in Albuquerque.