Submissions to Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders are permanently closed.

29 comments on “Submissions

  1. Do you want id on each poem submitted? and you’ll remove it? or send them without id?

  2. We don’t do blind submissions. Include the i.d. Thanks for asking.

  3. Do you want biographical information included with the submissions?

  4. Biographical information is appreciated, but we will ask for it again if your work is accepted because of the long lead time in our submissions process. Thank you for asking.

  5. Is online posting of a poem considered publishing by your definition. Are such poems eligible for your publication?

  6. We do consider poems posted online as being published. Thank you for checking with us on this. I hope you have other poems you can send us.

  7. Do contributors get a copy of the book they appear in?

  8. I’m in China on a Fulbright, is there any way I can submit poems electronically? David

  9. Are you serious. Snail mail is out of the question, Takes too long and costs too much. Have you not heard of electronic submissions?

    • Heard of, of course. Implemented? That’s a bit more complicated. Maybe next year. Keep watching.

    • I know this is 3 years old, but answering anyway. I found Ken W. Simpson’s concerns posited in a manner– I found rude, sarcastic, so, unnecessarily aggressive

      There are still a cluster of reputable magazines as of May 2018, that operate solely under snail mail. Paris Review is one example. I do not think it entitles any writer to challenge their system. Then submit elsewhere if one is unwilling to follow the publications protocol, and certainly being rude is unacceptable.

      So it’s not out of the question, does not necessarily entail a lengthier response time than electronic, and costs too much? Many electronic submissions charge at least 3.00 and post mail is less.

      I appreciate ellen roberts young’s gracious response.

  10. Okay. All the best.


  11. Is there a new submission period opening for next issue? May I submit and what are submission guidelines. Thank you for responding

  12. Sam,
    As noted above the submission period is April 1 to June 30. Please check the guidelines on this page after April 1 in case we’ve made changes to the guidelines for the new year.

  13. I cannot find your email address to submit?

  14. See the last bullet point on this page: sinfronterasnm@gmail.com
    I’ll have to check on why it doesn’t work as a link, but it is there.

  15. How long after the deadline do you notify submitters of accepting or declining?

  16. I am interested in submitting poetry to your journal. If you accept any of them, what rights do you require?

    • We want only first publication rights; rights return to author after publication. (That means, please don’t put it on your website between acceptance and publication – and then give us credit.)

  17. Do you accept screenplays?

  18. We will consider a screenplay of up to 15 pages.

  19. Do you publish poetry book reviews at all?

  20. Hilary,
    We do not include reviews in our Journal.

  21. The Editor,
    Sin Fronteras Journal.


    I am all the way from Kolkata, India. Am ardently interested to send a few of poems for your consideration. Now, are you open to an international submissions?
    Will look to hearing from you.
    Thank you so much for your precious time.
    All my best regards.
    Jayanta Bhaumik.

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